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FOX host Jarrett can't quit John Edwards

Reported by Chrish - August 11, 2008 -

Like a dog on a bone, FOX anchor Greg Jarrett would not let the Edwards' affair topic drop, even as his journalitic counterpart, U.S. World and News Report columnist Bonnie Erbe, tries to steer the conversation to serious subjects the American people want to hear about. Ironically this took place on "America's Election Headquarters," 8/9/08.
With video.

Erbe tried numerous times to dismiss the topic as watercooler gossip, fit for Maury Povich's tabloid infotainment show where it would get huge ratings. As she repeatedly brought up the fighting in Georgia and the presumed presidential caandidates' take on the situation as material more fitting for thoughtful news consumers, Jarrett ignored her and kept on reading his apparently scripted talking points, making for a decidedly disjointed, surreal conversation.

This is the type of distraction FOX lives for. It will be overanalyzed, spun, dissected, speculated upon, and of course condemned until Barack Obama says something that can be misconstrued.