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Juan Williams Aids And Abets Hannity's Bigotry

Reported by Ellen - August 10, 2008 -

I'd love to have a psychologist's opinion of Juan Williams' appearance on last Tuesday night's (8/5/08) Hannity & Colmes in which he fell all over himself helping Sean Hannity portray Barack Obama as a racist. Williams never challenged Hannity on his laughably disingenuous concern about divisiveness in the country and either did not know of, did not care about or else agreed with Hannity's agenda of promoting white rights. With video.

Alan Colmes started off the segment by suggesting that rather than playing the race card, himself, Obama has had the race card played against him by John McCain - via his accusation that it was Obama playing the race card.

Williams insisted it was Obama doing it. "The fact is that John McCain and John McCain's campaign have not once attacked Barack Obama's name or his race and that's the problem. If you make that kind of attack, you can't come up empty-handed. You've got to have some proof."

Colmes noted that it's not the campaign, itself, doing the attacks but surrogates, "often sometimes with the blessing, with the campaign looking the other way. They depend on these outside groups doing what the campaign, themselves, will not do."

Williams did not have a problem with that. But he went on to attack Obama for not pinpointing just who is guilty and then claimed that he had turned McCain into a sympathetic figure by tarring him as a racist. Comment: I don't believe Obama ever painted McCain as a racist but rather highlighted the tactics the other side would use or have used against him.

Hannity, forever obsessed with black bias against whites, was in clover. Not only did he have an ally but a black ally.

"Without a doubt," Williams said, Obama was playing the race card. Williams accused Obama of using it to dodge the "pure hardball politics" of the campaign.

"Did they deal it from the bottom of the deck?" Hannity asked gleefully. But Williams couldn't say.

Suddenly, Hannity, one of the most partisan and divisive people on television, was filled with concern about divisiveness. "Why does (Obama) have so many friends that seem to hate America or don't say nice things about America... that play this race card to such a difficult extent, or unhealthy extent, inasmuch as it divides the country?" Hannity asked in his innocent voice. Of course, Hannity had no problem with Ann Coulter, who had just been on in the previous segment, whose gratuitous smears of Americans are as guaranteed to accompany any appearance as her tousled hair.

Williams answered that "It's just a given" in Obama's world of "liberal, left-wing Chicago politics" that "you're supposed to think that America is a bad place, it's a racist place."Does Williams not know what a bigot Hannity is? Does he not care? Does he share Hannity's bigotry?

"Listen to what you just said!" Hannity said excitedly. "Is that what he believes?"

"I don't know," Williams replied.

Mr. "I care about unity" asked, "Why aren't more Democrats or more people on the left side of the aisle, why aren't they more willing to speak up as you are on this important issue that is dividing the country"

Did Williams actually think that Hannity developed a sudden concern for uniting the country? Apparently so. Williams answered, "They're foolish." He said, "(Obama's) got to speak honestly about race."