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Is McCain ready or fit to lead? FOX doesn't pursue that angle.

Reported by Chrish - August 9, 2008 -

As "McCain presses the argument that Obama is a shallow celebrity," FOX obliges by uncritically amplifying that message. Few in the mainstream media dare to question "maverick" "war hero" John McCain's credentials, but today that skepticism comes from an unlikely source: the Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch, where Washington bureau chief Rex Nutting asserts that McCain would only be a mediocre president, noting his failures and lack of achievement.

Nutting says that "A careful look at McCain's biography shows that he isn't prepared for the job. His resume is much thinner than most people think," and breaks his criticisms into several categories: Lack of accomplishments; Shallow; Living in the Sixties; No leadership; and No principles, concluding

"Successful presidents come from two molds: visionaries, or mechanics. The visionaries -- think Reagan or FDR -- see what others can't and say 'Why not?" to inspire the country. The mechanics -- think LBJ or Eisenhower -- know the ins and outs of government and are able to harness the power of millions of humans to accomplish great things, or at least keep the wheels from coming off.

McCain fits neither style. He's neither a dreamer, nor a detail guy. His major accomplishment, in Vietnam and in the Senate, has been merely to survive.

Just surviving doesn't make you're a hero, or a decent president. America needs to do more than survive the next four years."

That's precisely the kind of opposing viewpoint that does not get trumpeted or widely discussed on FOX News. It might be presented - blip! - (and even then likely overtalked, interrupted, and shouted down), but it does not permeate the 24/7 agenda - drip, drip, drip.

Of interest also is a recent Politico.com article, which cites a study evaluating the effectiveness of past presidents and comparing it with their previous state and federal experience, which finds

Beyond the obvious fact that having more experience does not make someone a better president, there are several things that should jump out from this list:

• Of those ranked in the top 14, only Thomas Jefferson and Harry Truman had more than 20 years of total experience.

• Six of the top 12 had 10 years or fewer of total experience.

• Having more federal experience also does not help: The top president with 20 or more years of federal experience is James Madison at No. 15. In fact, most of those in the top 12 had six years or less.

• It is important to have some federal experience; most of those with none fall in the mediocre-to-poor range.

• A larger amount of state experience, up to 10 years, is a good thing.

FOX News frequently cites the Politico website and invites its reporters onto various programs; what they choose to use is as telling as that which they choose to ignore.