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Hannity Compares Himself To World Leaders

Reported by Ellen - August 8, 2008 -

For the third night in a row last night (8/7/08) on Hannity & Colmes, Sean Hannity harped on the fact that Barack Obama referred to him during a town hall meeting recently. Also for the third night, Hannity whined that he wants Obama to come on with him (conveniently forgetting that Obama has already appeared on the show). Then, Hannity listed the world leaders Barack Obama has said he’d meet with and complained that if Obama would meet with them, he ought to meet with Hannity. There’s just one little difference: Hannity is not important to world affairs.

Hannity mugged to guest Bob Beckel, “So let me understand this. (Obama’s) going to meet with Ahmadinejad, he’s gonna meet with Kim Jong Il, he’s gonna meet with Fidel Castro... He’ll meet with them, but he can’t come on FOX News? Little old Sean Hannity?”

Sorry, Sean. You may be a hot shot at FOX News but in the realm of international diplomacy, you’re nothing but small potatoes. Amd after all the racially-tinged smearing you've done, you can probably kiss good-bye any hope that Obama will ever sit down with you. Maybe you should call a whambulance!