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FOX Friends advance divided Democratic Party storyline

Reported by Chrish - August 8, 2008 -

FOX Friends are practically drooling over the prospect of discord at the Democratic Convention. This morning 8/8/08, the Friends pronounced that all is not "kumbaya" in the party. Later they brought on professional grouser Will Bower to reiterate that HE is voting for John McCain since his first choice did not get his (former?) party's nomination. Who cares?
With video.

The hosts asserted that Hillary is not happy and has a "Plan B" for the convention, and Bill Clinton's interview with what's-her-name, Kate Snow at ABC, indicated he's not supportive of Barack Obama. Sub-host Dave Briggs said Clinton had nothing good to say about Obama beyond "he should win and he will win;" Carlson, who had corrected Kilmeade and said Obama was defending the former president because he was asked provocative questions, said he did so to make it appear everything is "kumbaya," but they're not.

Howard Wolfson, formerly of the HRClinton campaign and now a FOX News contributor, echoed Clinton saying that maybe her delegates would have a chance to speak at the convention as a way to let their collective voice be heard. Carlson announced that someone from PUMA (Party unity my ass) would be on, ostensibly to show just how divided the party is. Kilmeade thinks she's ticked off that she's not a leading VP contender. It's already been announced that Hillary will speak Tuesday night and Bill on Wednesday, but "that's a lot of Clinton and [Kilmeade doesn't] see that happening." Some Hillary Clinton supporters are reportedly planning to protest at the Democrats' convention.

Of course, it's the same guy who's been on FOX before; he and a handful of other disappointed Dems are very important people at FOX.

Bower, it is already known, wants to vote for Hillary Clinton but will, if given only Obama and McCain as options in November, vote for McCain - but it's so heartening for the folks at FOX to hear, they had him on again to repeat his personal stance. Other members of the group will vote third party, or write-in Hillary, or stay home - voting for Obama does not seem to be an option for them, just like FOX devotees. (My mother would say they are cutting off their noses to spite their faces.)

At the end of the first segment, Carlson read (from "somebody else") that "the Clintons have a knack for the center of drama, even when they're not center stage," which she thinks sums up what's going to happen (potentially, her favorite disclaimer) at the convention.

Maybe the Clintons would not be center stage if the media didn't need drama and speculation and faux issues to fill the 24/7 news void, which they can't fill with actual news because advertisers know it's too dry, too, well, lacking drama. Who wants to watch real news 24/7? Too depressing, too hard. So we get this instead, spats and speculation, bus crashes and brush fires, flag pins and pressure gauges, with our diet and restaurant commercials. And on FOX we get a steady anti-Democrats agenda.