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FOX: Obama's lead and popularity a bad thing

Reported by Chrish - August 7, 2008 -

Only on FOX can the politician holding onto the lead in polls and packing large venues be cast in a negative light. FOX and Friends this morning 8/7/08 offered a segment that's only point was to say that Barack Obama is so popular that people are getting sick of him.
With video.

The segment, "Obama Obsession," noted a Pew poll that said 48% of people polled were hearing too much about Barack Obama, while only 26% have heard too much about McCain. Clayton Morris said that "every" magazine cover features Barack Obama on the cover, and Brian Kilmeade added that that's a problem for the Obama camp, being over-saturated in August. It must be selling magazines, noted Gretchen Carlson.

Looking at the poll results, 2/3 of Republicans are tired of hearing about him, no surprise (Someone should tell Bill O'Reilly before he does his slash-and-burn in September!), 1/2 of Independents, and 1/3 of Democrats "are tired of hearing about him."
Morris wondered why, if people are sick of him, ratings go through the roof when he appears on the air?

Brian Kilmeade garbled once again and came out with another inadvertent truth: "Rating are going higher, but they gotta be worried about November. So if you're getting too much Barack Obama now, what's going to happen if he's on every single day in networks like ours, they could destroy him." He advises the Obama camp to find a way to change. He posits that the Britney/Paris ad has single-handedly pushed Obama away from big crowds, cause it took "his greatest asset, the celebrity aspect and his fame," and made it seem like a negative. Now you'll see Obama with his sleeves rolled up, talking to small crowds and individuals.

Good grief, does he really think a presidential campaign operation the size and scope of Obama's turns on a dime and is cowed by silliness from the empty McCain campaign? Obama is succinctly dismissing these yappy attacks from McCain and staying focused on his message and his more substantial campaign. McCain is being made to look petty and silly and unserious; maybe he should be glad he's not getting more coverage.

Of course, we'll still see Obama accept the nomination at Invesco Field in front of (55,000? 70,000?) a huge crowd, but "half of those will be from Colorado" so... I don't know, they don't count? Only travelers count?

The whole segment was pointless except to take Obama down another notch and add some gloom and doubt to his campaign.

The Friends also failed to note that more is not always better. A recent study by the conservative CMPA found that

"....most statements by anchors and reporters were neutral, but when opinions were expressed 28 percent of statements about Obama were positive while 72 percent were negative. The study indicated opinions about McCain were 43 percent positive and 57 percent negative.

Robert Lichter, the director of the Center for Media and Public Affairs, has been a preferred source of data among conservatives, the (LA)Times said.

"This information should blow away this silly assumption that more coverage is always better coverage," he told the newspaper." (From UPI)