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FOX News Still Trying To Portray Obama As A Muslim

Reported by Ellen - August 7, 2008 -

Even though guest Stephen Mansfield, author of the book The Faith of Barack Obama, specifically told the Hannity & Colmes audience Tuesday night (8/5/08) that Barack Obama is “a serious Christian” who will govern out of his religious base, FOX News producers ran a series of banners on the lower third of the screen suggesting that Obama is a Muslim and a less than complete Christian. With video.

Mansfield told Alan Colmes that Obama had practiced Islam “lightly, very lightly” with his father (I think he meant step-father) for a brief time but that he was never an official Muslim. Mansfield also made it clear that Obama is a devout Christian.

Yet, the quotes the FOX News producers chose to highlight in their banners said:



B-roll footage of Rev. Jeremiah Wright ran as the last banner was shown.

Just after Mansfield said that Obama is a serious Christian, a banner read, “Obama’s father insisted religion was a superstition.” Moments later, a new banner appeared,


That was soon followed by

After another round of Rev. Wright B-roll, the banner said, “Obama was no religion until he joined Trinity Church.”

Moments after Mansfield began to defend Rev Wright as “a man who believes in liberating the oppressed,” the banner said, “Trinity Church was not a congregation of downtrodden.” Mansfield also said that Trinity Church is “not just a Marxist recruitment center, it’s a good solid church with an overlay of black liberation theology.” Funny how that quote didn’t make it onto the screen.

Instead of any banners about Obama's devoutness, we saw:



H/T reader Justin