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Bill O'Reilly Goes After Robert Wexler and Palm Beach Post But Doesn't Tell Full Story

Reported by Deborah - August 7, 2008 -

Tonight, 8/7/08, Bill O'Reilly continued his attack of Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Fla) focusing on The Palm Beach Post for not "advancing" the story. Jesse Waters was shown ambushing Randy Schultz, editor, at his home with the question " Why is the Palm Beach Post in the tank for Robert Wexler?" However, there's a bit more to the story that O'Reilly neglected to tell his viewers. (video included)

In this ambush Waters followed Schultz up his front walk blocking him from walking inside. Schultz, his fury justified, told Waters he was on private property.

O'Reilly devoted his TPM tonight to the Palm Beach Post calling it a "liberal brochure" claiming the paper " advances Liberalism" which unfortunately are the type of buzzwords that invite hate. O'Reilly suggested that the Palm Beach Post inadequately covered the story about Wexler's residency issue which is not true.

In an article in The Palm Beach Post by George Bennett, 7/29/08, there is a detailed account of Wexler's situation and also important information about O'Reilly's source. It seems O'Reilly was alerted to the residency issue by Wexler's Republican opponent, Ed Lynch. However it seems like Lynch has his own more serious tax issues to explain.

The article also gives a thorough explanation of Florida residency laws which are different than most states and discusses Wexler's candor about the situation. It seems he changed the paperwork on is Maryland house in 2003.

Later on, O'Reilly whined to Bernie Goldberg and Jane Hall that he was "hurt" by the attack claiming he was just trying to report an important story.

" We were attacked by this terrible newspaper. It was vile. They don't want anyone getting their boy."

O'Reilly also failed to mention that the so-called "vile" attack editorial by Randy Schultz is actually extremely critical of Robert Wexler. If anything it proves that the Palm Beach Post is not in the tank for him.

However, Schultz mentioned BOR's sexual harassment lawsuit which means it's payback time for Randy Schultz. May I suggest a motion activated sprinkler system for the front lawn.