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O'Reilly Still Wailing About Obama and MoveOn

Reported by Deborah - August 6, 2008 -

Last night, 8/5/08, O'Reilly announced that he would begin investigative campaign coverage in September but he was kind enough to give his eager audience a "preview" following the TPM. What a surprise! This first investigation looked at how close Obama is to Moveon and "radical" George Soros. Guess BOR couldn't even wait a week after his last look at the very same thing.

After proclaiming that he's bored with "gotcha" politics and claiming he's "not rooting for anyone", O'Reilly did yet another segment about Barack Obama and MoveOn.org. Doug Heye joined BOR in an effort to discredit MoveOn charging that that the organization is dangerous because it can raise a lot of money, is very well organized and considered the base of the Democratic Party. (How shocking!) Heye made the under stunning and very wrong conclusion that Barack Obama is. beholden to Moveon. O'Reilly perked up asking Heye for his definition of "beholden" as if he had uncovered the key to the great unraveling of the Obama campaign.

How many times can Bill O'Reilly do the same act? At least on Broadway there's a different audience each night. Is anybody bored yet?