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Just As Predicted, "Boombox" Coulter Flip-Flops And Now Supports McCain

Reported by Ellen - August 6, 2008 -

Despite her promise to sit out the election until 2012 (and we had been so hoping she meant it), Ann "Boombox" Coulter could not resist getting back into the spotlight even if it meant being just the kind of flip-flopper she mocked John Kerry as. Quel surprise! Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes seemed to miss the irony on last night's (8/5/08) Hannity & Colmes. Perhaps it was because they were preoccupied with the "breaking news" (complete with exploding graphics) that Barack Obama had talked about Hannity again on the campaign trail. With video.

Unfortunately for Coulter, who complained that the segment ended too soon, she was just not as compelling to Hannity as his own limelight. He spent a great deal of the segment's time talking about the fact that Obama had told a sharp questioner at one of his town hall meetings that he'd be good facing Hannity. This was not just breaking news, it was the top story for the night. If anything indicates Hannity's helmsmanship in the choosing of segments, this one did.

"Senator: Come on this program," bullyboy Hannity commanded. He forgot, apparently, that Obama has already been on the program. Given the smarmy treatment he received that night from Major Garrett, the interviewer, I think it's a safe bet that Hannity's commands pleas were in vain.

And speaking of bets, we have a winner in the "Guess Which Day Ann Coulter Will Flip-Flop And Vote For McCain After All" contest that I ran last February. Our winner is Andy, who predicted that Boomie would announce on June 22 that she'd vote for McCain. Apparently, she made the flip public on July 2nd.

Unlike her "Boombox" appearance, Coulter seemed reasonably sober (though she talked a lot about getting drunk). She brought with her her special brand of wit and insight that included this little "joke" that she had obviously thought up (or commissioned) in advance. "In the same spirit (of Obama's suggestion that Americans inflate their tires) I think the solution to our non-existent health care crisis is my proposal that everyone eat an apple a day." Hannity laughed heartily, proving just how out of touch with everyday Americans the two of them are.

And speaking of being out of touch, I just happened to read an article today which mentioned that Coulter's last book sold less than half the copies of her previous tome.