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"John Q Public" with press pass - planted at Obama event?

Reported by Chrish - August 6, 2008 -

This morning 8/6/08 FOX and Friends highlighted a "heckling" at an Obama event yesterday by an attendee whose nametag read "John Q. Public." I smell a fox rat.

Introducing the segment Brian Kilmeade noted that McCain, "if you've seen his events," hosts rowdy events with plenty of protesters getting tossed, and of course he "always rolls with it." Now Obama's getting some hecklers. A man standing with the press and holding a long-lens camera ("I don't know where he got that!" protested Kilmeade...hmmm) interrupted and wanted the Pledge of Allegiance recited. Obama quieted the boos of the crowd and said go ahead, lead it; they recited the pledge together, end of story.

The man's nametag identified him only as "John Q Public" but he had press credentials. Clayton Morris noted that "they'll let anyone in" and Carlson quickly retorted "well, they shouldn't." This is the Bush administration mindset, where confrontation and arguing are verboten and all events are scripted, vetted, and give the appearance of universal agreement and respect.

Methinks someone is breaking Journalism 101 rules and creating news.