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FOX selective poll reporting to favor McCain

Reported by Chrish - August 6, 2008 -

Brian Kilmeade on FOX and Friends this morning 8/6/08 told viewers that since the “drill here drill now” campaign has been resonating with some Americans, “things seem to be going against Barack Obama and for John McCain. The latest poll has a three-point difference for John McCain for the first time leading with 'independents.'”

What Kilmeade failed to note was that Barack Obama has pulled ahead of McCain in overall polling from their “virtual tie” reported on Monday. Obama's polling has gone up three points while McCain's has gone down one point, according to the Gallup daily tracking they had been citing. Last week the Friends focused on “likely” versus “registered” poll number, which favored McCain.

So the trend on FOX and Friends is definitely to highlight polling that favors their candidate, to lend supportive “psychology” to the movement.