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E. D. Hill Doesn’t See Color While Jim Pinkerton Defines It

Reported by Priscilla - August 6, 2008 -

Since Eric Burn’s departure from Fox’s News Watch, this once “fair and balanced” show has turned into the usual Fox smear fest and forum for RNC talking points. Since liberal panelist Neal Gabler’s departure, despite the capable presence of Jane Hall and various other journalists, there is no really strong liberal to challenge far right panelists Jim Pinkerton and Cal Thomas – who, since Gabler’s departure, have become overly inflated with a sense of righteous right wing self importance. One of the memes of the right wing is that the mainstream media is biased and Saturday night’s (August 2nd) News Watch provided ample opportunity for host E.D. Hill and panelists Cal Thomas, and Jim Pinkerton to smear the MSM and Barack Obama, too. And during the discussion, E.D. Hill (of the infamous “terrorist fist bump”) revealed a world view that might have been embraced by Scarlet O’Hara.

The first discussion centered on McCain's recent Obama as “Celebrity” Ad. Not surprisingly, Thomas referred to Obama as a “media darling.” (Note: Thomas referred to a Washington Post “editorial” which satirized Obama as “the one.” This was an “essay,” about the pitfalls of being “the one,” which referred to McCain’s camp as using this term. It also suggested that Obama might, despite McCain’s cleverness, be the one as in the next president.) E.D., not surprisingly, presented the talking-point-as-question about whether the media was “building him up to celebrity status” while John McCain was not “getting the same treatment.” (Comment: Hey E.D., McCain is hardly a new and potentially historic political figure). After Jane Hall said that the media are now trying to show themselves as being “in the middle,” the conversation took a hard right turn when Hill played the video of Obama’s comments about how the McCain camp would try to scare voters with references to Obama’s being different. Hill, with a gleam in her eyes, said “bringing up the race card, does that play?” Note: Hill stated, as a fact, that Obama “brought up the race card.” When Hall stated that “we’re gonna have race injected pretty explicitly from here on….she was interrupted by Hill who said “let’s stop there. Why is it that, at this point, in our nation’s history, do we have race as an issue?”

To Jim Pinkerton, Hill reinforced the talking point of “unfair” media coverage by asking if the “media have been fair” or have they “built (Obama) up.” Pinkerton, a resident of the right wing “Tara,” said that since the Rev. Wright connection was exposed, Obama is “no longer Colin Powell, Tiger Woods, or Oprah. He’s much more of a traditional black figure like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton with all those other associations with Ludacris and others. (Comment: zing – another quick propaganda bite implying that Obama is not a "traditional" “good Negro” but an “uppity ("typical"?) black”). Note: two weeks ago, Pinkerton actually claimed, without explanation and without challenge from either panelists or moderator John Scott, that there was a “kernel of truth” to the New Yorker Obama cover. Pinkerton also said, on last night's show, that the McCain Obama as “celebrity” ad was "brilliant." (Comment: When it comes to vacuous blond “bimbos” we need look no farther than Fox News, wink, wink!)

Comment: I guess E.D. lives a sheltered life because she doesn’t hear all the racial invective spewed from Fox commentators and the right wing blogosphere on a regular basis. I guess, in her nice, white world, she doesn’t know about the racial epithets thrown at Obama volunteers. I guess she is oblivious to the recent noose incidents and the racial issues involved in Jena, La. Perhaps she should check out the (now missing) facebook page of the son of Colorado Republican senate candidate, Bob Shaffer. Among other things, young Shaffer had a poster of the Egyptian pyramids with the words, “slavery gets shit done” superimposed on them. I’m sure the very white E.D. has never been hassled just for driving her car. Perhaps E.D. thinks that what the rest of us define as racist, is appropriate treatment for those “uppity” types. Obviously E.D. lives in a land of racial equality where everything is just fine. Here’s what I think – E.D. Hill, as Scarlet O’Hara, in the remake of “Gone With the Wind” (Pinkerton as Ashley Wilkes?) because Tara isn’t all that different from Fox News