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Bill O'Reilly Warns Obama About "Investigative" Campaign Coverage

Reported by Deborah - August 6, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly informed his audience last night, 8/5/08, during the TPM , that he's bored with "gotcha" politics and plans a more "investigative"approach in September. With a straight face, O'Reilly noted that unlike other opinion shows The Factor has been "skeptical" of both candidates and then went on to suggest that Obama will be investigated more than McCain.

O'Reilly tried to illustrate his objectivity by criticizing both Obama and McCain on their recent campaign moves concerning energy concluding that voters should decide. No White House talking points from Bill O'Reilly

Explaining that he will begin "micro analysis" around September 8th, he singled out Obama offering a lightly veiled threat.

"We'll examine Obama's belief system. We'll profile his career and associations. You know what you're getting with McCain. Obama's still a mystery. Come November he wont be"

O'Reilly commented that this election is a " yes or no vote on Obama." Looks like O'Reilly will continue working hard to insure a "no" vote.