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The "Mitt Romney Phenomenon?"

Reported by Melanie - August 5, 2008 -

Have you ever heard of the "Mitt Romney phenomenon?" I guess Fox News is trying to create one. This is what Neil Cavuto said today (August 5, 2008) on Your World: "Taking a look at a couple of other developments today, ah, what to make of the Mitt Romney phenomenon and is there something going on here? We're going to explore that."

Comment: What? Well, Cavuto never did "explore that" new "development" but he obviously telegraphed that there's something exciting going on when it comes to Mitt Romney. Trying to soften the 27% crowd to the idea of a Romney VP pick?

Romney was on the show in a taped interview approximately five minutes later but there was no mention or discussion whatsoever of a "phenomenon." Maybe Cavuto wanted viewers to have the word "phenomenon" in mind when they watched him? Don't know but obviously the psychologists at Fox are hard at work.