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Hannity Falsely Insists McCain Sticks By His Tough Decisions

Reported by Ellen - August 5, 2008 -

Dick Morris was back on Hannity & Colmes last night (8/4/08) with some more of his crackpot analysis of the 2008 presidential campaign. The flights of fancy must have been contagious because Sean Hannity, with a straight face, told Morris that, unlike Barack Obama, John McCain sticks by his tough decisions. With video.

Morris was introduced as usual as “former Clinton advisor and author of Fleeced,” which could easily give the casual viewer the idea he’s a Democrat. Morris has been introduced as “former Clinton advisor” for as long as I’ve been watching FOX News (four years), even though his days with the Clintons ended more than 10 years ago. Meanwhile, Karl Rove whose tenure with President Bush was longer and more recent, is rarely introduced as “former Bush advisor” or more to the point, “informal McCain advisor.” Instead of “We report. You decide,“ it’s more like, “We mislead. You do your best to figure it out.”

The segment was purportedly about Obama’s flip-flops on energy. We saw clips of Obama shifting his stance on offshore drilling and the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. But there was no clip of McCain shifting his position on offshore drilling and ANWR (not to mention taxes).

In his go-round with Alan Colmes, Morris mostly discussed other aspects of the campaign. Morris said, “There’s a real irony going on here. The worse the economy gets, you would think it hurts Bush and hurts the Republicans. I believe the worse the economy gets, the more people get scared to death about what might happen if Obama gets elected and raises taxes.”

“Why would you think that?” Colmes asked. “McCain has not articulated a vision for the economy any different from what Bush is doing.”

Morris argued that if the economy was doing well, people would feel more ready “to take a chance on Obama.” That seems a distinct contrast to what happened during the Clinton campaign in 1992, but I digress. Morris continued, “as the threat level arises both at home and abroad, the economy and national security, it becomes harder and harder to close your eyes and bet on Obama... Everybody understands McCain is safe.”

Then with one of his malevolent smiles, Morris added, “And when Obama says, by the way, that he’s only gonna raise taxes on the rich? That’s like the captain of a ship saying the only room he’s going to shut down is the engine room.”

When it was Sean Hannity’s turn, he went back to the flip-flopping issue. Astoundingly, Hannity said, “Say what you will about John McCain. John McCain’s made tough decisions. He sticks by them.”

Oh yeah? The way McCain stuck by tax cuts, immigration, torture, abortion and Donald Rumsfeld? Not to mention his recent waffling on raising taxes?

“Neutral” Morris did not challenge Hannity's ridiculous characterization (though I think I heard Colmes laughing loudly). Instead, Morris went on to say that McCain will try to scare voters about Obama, but not on the issue of race. “That’s what (Obama) wishes McCain would do,” Morris said, throwing his own little racial dig at Obama.

Instead, Morris claimed, without explaining how he knows, that McCain will try to scare voters about Iran and the economy.

Then Morris suggested that McCain should put “economist after economist on, talking about how Obama is going to cause a depression, not just a recession, a depression.”