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Fox News Provides Report On Poor, Victimized, Mark Steyn – And Provides Commentary From A Neo Nazi, Too!

Reported by Priscilla - August 5, 2008 -

Fox News does seem to have affection for haters (see their recent embrace of Jerome Corsi) and no affection for Muslims. It is, thus, easy to understand why they do have affection for Muslim hater Mark Steyn. On last night’s (August 4th) Special Report, Fox’s Steve Brown did a segment on poor Mark Steyn who, as he is Canadian, is being persecuted and prosecuted by those bad Canadian Muslims. Steyn is quite the fave of the nativist right wingers who see in him a fellow soul mate in the endless fight against inferior and unacceptable people who sneak into one’s country and, Oh No, try to dilute the obviously superior culture of those who were there first. Steyn’s legal problems involving what some Canadians feel is “hate speech,” is quite the cause celebre in the right wing world and Fox is always ready to run with whatever is au courante. I’m assuming that is the reason why poor Steyn’s plight was showcased because otherwise – who cares!!!!

It seems that Steyn is being “forced to defend himself” against charges that his latest book, “America Alone” (according to Steyn, a “best seller”) is a “human rights violation.” The suit was filed after Maclean’s Magazine published an article (“Why the Future Belongs to Islam”) which was an excerpt from Steyn’s book. The book’s premise is that democracies (particularly European) are in danger because, according to Fox, “Muslims are having more babies than non Muslims.” (Comment: be scared!) The Canadian Islamic Congress filed a complaint with both the British Columbian and Ontario Human Rights Commision on the basis that the book and the article are Islamophobic and foster fear and hatred of Muslims. Steve Brown noted that members of Canada’s largest mosque support the action.

But here’s the best part – Brown had film footage of Canadian free speech and Steyn supporter Paul Fromm. Fromm is upset about this “effort by minority groups, including radical Muslims, to shut down criticism.” Well now, it seems that Mr. Fromm is described as "one of Canada's most notorious white supremacists" (Comment: talk about that famous Fox “guilt by association!”) He founded a group that supported white government in the former Rhodesia. But it gets better: In the 1990s, "Fromm spoke at several Heritage Front events, including a celebration of Adolf Hitler's birthday. A video surfaced of him addressing the rally and referring to Canadian fascist John Ross Taylor as a "hero".Taylor was one of two Canadian Nazis interned by the government during World War II. The video shows Fromm standing beside a Nazi flag during the Heritage Front's "Martyr's Day". The rally included shouts from the audience of "Sieg Heil!", "white power", "Hail The Order!" and "nigger, nigger, nigger, out out out". "

According to Steve Brown, Steyn has “not been muted” and his only concern is that Maclean’s might have to raise its price because of legal fees which they have incurred as a result of the suit.

Comment: Only on right wing Fox (which doesn’t have a problem with Sean Hannity’s former white supremacist connections) would you see homage to Mark Steyn (who does substitute for Sean Hannity on occasion). It’s been a while since the infamous John Gibson “have more white babies” screed; but then folks do need to be reminded to do their patriotic duty as defined by Mark Steyn. It’s ironic that the right wing love to bring up what they feel are eugenic beliefs (and Nazi connections) of Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger. But when it comes to Mark Steyn and his blatant eugenic arguments, based on Islamophobia, he’s quite the hero – and based on last night’s piece, a poor victim of the Islamic menace – or is it peril? Either way, Fox gets to play the fear of Muslim card which is quite the trump in its deck of smear cards. Oh, and one more thing – white supremacist site “Stormfront” announced the upcoming appearance of Fromm on Fox News. Fox is now America’s white supremacist newsroom?