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FOX killing the (already killed) messenger in anthrax case

Reported by Chrish - August 5, 2008 -

The Bush administration wants the anthrax case closed and is pushing, via FOX, their circumstantial case that Bruce Ivins was responsible for the anthrax attacks in late 2001, case closed. Not so fast, say many skeptics. What's the hurry? FOX and Friends did their part this morning 8/5/08 to discredit the anthrax expert, Dr. Bruce Ivins, who allegedly commited suicide.

The trio (including Gretchen Carlson, Brian Kilmeade, and Judge Andrew Napolitano subbing for Steve Doocy) dishonored the dead, calling him "very strange" and alluding to an "obsession" with a sorority at Princeton, which they say is located "very near" the mailbox from which the anthrax was mailed. They mentioned that his "psychologist, (not!) or social worker" felt he was a potential threat, and said he was "quirkier, if that's possible, than Robert Hanson." He had a PO box to receive porn and he was an alcoholic drinker. They speculated that if his reason for doing it was to get attention for research, he succeeded, and cited the $50 billion the government funneled toward finding a vaccine. Ivins is summarily dismissed as a pervert, a kook, a menace, with banners reading "Sorority sicko" and "Sorority obsession."

Napolitano once again injected some logic, and said the public has a right to know if the anthrax killer is no longer among us. The evidence againt Ivins has to be made public.

FOX viewers will probably swallow this whole, but as I happened to catch a segment last night on MSNBC where the guest dissected the circumstantial case, I've done further reading and the more you read, the more it sounds like a cover-up. The Bush administration just wants this to be closed before a new administration takes over, another loose end to tie up after being largely ignored for seven years.

The so-called "psychologist" is a substance abuse therapist with problems of her own; charges of DUI were brought as recently as 2006 and 2007, see Larisa Alexandrov's article here. Glenn Greenwald further dissects the talking points being dribbled out by the FBI here.

Rather than practice any journalism, FOX is parroting White House talking points to obscure the truth and to put a halt to further investigation.

Some of you may recall that Ivins is not the first anthrax expert who "committed suicide." Noted Harvard biophysics scientist and anthrax, Ebola, AIDS, herpes, and influenza expert Dr. Don Wiley was first reported to have jumped off a bridge in 2001, but local authorities in Memphis have denied that scenario and instead see it as a "well planned murder." He was one of five well-known biologists who suddenly died in an eight-week time period immediately following the anthrax scare, while much of the country was still in shock over the September 11th attacks.