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Corsi makes FOX and Friends debut to promote lie-filled Obama-attack book

Reported by Chrish - August 5, 2008 -

Bob Beckel and Jerome Corsi were guests of FOX and Friends this morning 8/5/08 to discuss the myriad accusations in Corsi's book Obama Nation, which is being heavily promoted on FOX News. Corsi sat in the studio with the Friends and Beckel appeared via satellite from DC, until the DC bureau, "believe it or not," lost all power and he was reduced to talking over a cell phone.
With video

Beckel said up front that today he was not going to be light hearted, as there is too much damaging misinformation in Corsi's book. He made Corsi defend several conclusions that were presented as facts; he told viewers that most of Corsi's footnotes were attributable to right-wing ideologues, and he broadcast some of Corsi's more hateful comments about Bill and Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Muslims Corsi took great offense at these "ad hominem attacks" and said he had apologized for them; besides, they are "ancient history." (Given the subject matter, i.e. "BJ Bill" and "John F*ing Commie Kerry" and "Ragheads," these matters are not more than 13 years old, hardly ancient history.)

After a break, Beckel was lost and reduced to talking via cell phone, giving the flesh-and-blood guest even greater advantage, which he took great advantage of, overtalking and interrupting.

The banners alternated saying "Barack book delves into background" and "The real Barack Obama? Revelations in the Obama Nation." "Revelations" means truths revealed; a more appropriate, fair and balanced, skeptical-as-in-journalism choice would be "allegations" or "accusations." And we all know what the Cavuto mark is for.

Media Matters has extensive and growing documentation of the lies and mischaracterizations in this latest smear book (Corsi also authored the SwiftBoat book attacking John Kerry.) We fully expect to see much more of Corsi and his lies all over FOX for the rest of the summer.

I'm betting not so much Pulitzer-price winning journalist Ron Suskind, who has just today released another book "on the Bush White House's manufacture of 'evidence' of WMDs and the faking of a Saddam Hussein / al-Qaeda connection - The Way of the World: A Story of Truth and Hope in an Age of Extremism." I caught a piece of a segment of "Happening Now" and the reporter was dutifully denouncing the book and the author as yet another serial Bush-hater, dismissing the content. Fair and balanced, suuuure.

The video is a little long because it's 2 parts together, but worth watching.