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FOX Friends interpret Bill Clinton for viewers

Reported by Chrish - August 4, 2008 -

FOX and Friends touched base with (absent) Bill Clinton this morning 8/4/08 to selectively quote him, rebut him, and put their own spin on a quote from him.

CLinton was seen in video telling a reporter that he has some regrets about the campaign, but "not the ones you think." There are things he wished he had said and other he should have left unsaid, and the Friends filled in the blanks for viewers. Clinton asserted he is not a racist and did not attack Obama personally.

Immediately Gretchen Carlson refuted that, saying he did "sort of" attack him personally, calling his Iraq policy a fairy tale. Judge Andrew Napolitano (subbing for vacationing Steve Doocy) agreed that Clinton did attack Obama, and also agreed that Clinton is not a racist. In a fit of chatter all three agreed that there's nothing wrong with "attacking" on behalf of his wife, so why deny it?

Next came a quote on-screen: "Next year, you and I and everybody else will be freer and have more space to say what we believe to be the truth." Quickly, before Carlson interpreted, I thought the Bush administration will be history and with them, free speech zones, and fears of wiretaps and email-spying.

But Carlson interpreted instead that "Bill CLinton [is] talking about himself. ... He will be freer to talk about exactly what happened. The campaign will be over and he will be free to tell you how he really feels," with a knowing smile and raised eyebrows. JAN was chiming in his agreement.

Even in defeat FOX Friends can't help kicking the Clintons. This helps serve the talking point that Democrats are divided and will help explain Obama's defeat should the Republican election-theft machine triumph over democracy again.