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Fred Barnes: "It's a stunt but sometimes stunts work"

Reported by Deborah - August 3, 2008 -

The Beltway Boys gave Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid a DOWN in the weekly Ups and Downs segment for blocking a vote on the energy bill. Fred Barnes, obviously elated, was amused by the Republican drama staged for voters on Friday evening. He admitted, "It's a stunt but sometimes stunts work."

Mort Kondracke, acting like Republicans not Democrats really care about the average American, noted that Reid and Pelosi are "enjoying their summer vacation while ordinary Americans are feeling the burden of higher gas prices." The Boys really wanted viewers to believe that if the bill had passed gas would immediately become affordable.

Barnes proudly displayed a FOX News poll showing that a majority agree with Republicans.Then he exposed the Republican motives even further suggesting the drilling issue is the only one Republicans have in this campaign. Expressing disbelief that Democrats would oppose the bill he claimed, "Republicans were issue-less until gas prices got high."

Barnes also got a chuckle from Nancy Pelosi's statement about her concern for the planet. Barnes thinks environmental concerns are ridiculous especially if they inconvenience him. He won't even agree to a 55 mph speed limit for his three SUVs.