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FOX News Guest Calls For The Race Card To Be Played Against Obama

Reported by Ellen - August 3, 2008 -

Columnist Erik Rush was a guest on Hannity’s America Friday night (8/1/08) purportedly to discuss the supposed race card Barack Obama had played in the campaign. But regular Hannity-watchers know that Rush was really there as Hannity's surrogate to make racial attacks on Obama. Sure enough, Rush told a sympathetic Sean Hannity that he hopes Republicans do make Obama out to be the kind of person Obama supposedly played the race card bringing up, i.e. a scary black man. Rush went on to complain that racial attacks against Obama have been made off-limits by his campaign staff. With video.

The segment began with the now-famous clip of Obama saying that the McCain campaign will try to scare voters about him. “They’re going to try to say, well, you know, he’s got a funny name. And he doesn’t look like all the other presidents on the dollar bills and the five dollar bills.”

In his scripted introduction, Hannity read the also now-famous charge from the McCain campaign that Obama had played the race card “from the bottom of the deck.” But then Hannity endorsed the allegation by saying, “This isn’t the first time that Obama has done this.”

Whenever Hannity accuses someone else of doing something, it’s a sure sign he’s about to do exactly that, himself. It's especially true when Hannity, the former "soul mate of hate" of a white supremacist, is going to play the race card, himself. So with a bullyboy edge in his voice, Hannity said to guest Ron Daniels (supporting Obama), “(Obama) didn’t say it once that day, he said it three times that day... He also echoed comments that he had said back in Jacksonville, ‘Oh, and did I mention, ‘he’s black.’’ Is that playing the race card?”

Hannity later disingenuously asked Daniels, “Can you name one prominent Republican that has brought up the issue of Barack Obama being a black American?” White rights champion Hannity knows darn well no Republican legislator or spokesperson would do that, but a host of conservative pundits have, most notably Rush Limbaugh, and on Hannity & Colmes, Townhall.com’s Amanda Carpenter, and, of course, Hannity, himself.

Another pundit who has done so was right there in the segment with Hannity: columnist Erik Rush who once suggested to an enthusiastically receptive Hannity that Obama's church was a non-Christian cult of black separatists who care more about Africa than the US.

Now Rush said, “To be honest with you, as far as playing the race card goes, and Obama’s tendency towards saying that, you know, they’re trying to – uh, the Republicans are trying to scare people with regard to him, I quite honestly think that that’s a good idea. I find Obama to be a scary guy. The things that he says and has been able to get away with saying, I find to be insulting, appalling... And it looks as though he’s prepping us for one socialistic money grab after another one in keeping this race issue alive."

Hannity not only didn’t object to that statement, he complimented Rush on his previous racial attacks on Obama. Cutting off guest Ron Daniels who was trying to object, Hannity said approvingly to Rush, “Erik, you were the first to write the column about the black value system and bring up the issue of his church and Jeremah Wright.... so you have been talking specifically about race.”

Hannity continued by prodding Rush to say that Obama is anti-white. Hannity asked, “(Obama) also made the comment about, you know, ‘bitter Americans clinging to their guns and religion.’ Was he talking about white people there?”

Rush obligingly answered, “I definitely believe that he was. I think that, you know, and a lot of other people do as well think that that was demeaning, condescending and insulting.”

“Yeah,” Hannity said revealingly.

Near the end of the segment, Rush complained about not being able to make racial comments against Obama. “I submit that you have - not Senator Obama, but a lot of the people around him - they have fashioned this sort of a shield whereby, you know, you can’t say anything about him and it’s largely because he’s black, otherwise you’ll be a racist.”

What Rush really seems to be saying is that he wants to make racial attacks on Obama without being criticized. Predictably, while Hannity was quick to accuse Obama of playing the race card, he had no concerns that Rush wanted to attack Obama on racial grounds.