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The Swift Boating Of Barack Obama Has Officially Begun - And FOX News Is Helping

Reported by Ellen - August 1, 2008 -

Jerome Corsi, co-author of the book that turned ”swift boat” into a verb, has a new book out with the punny title, “The Obama Nation.” Corsi was a guest for a double segment on Hannity & Colmes last night (7/31/08) where he was allowed to deliver a number of dubious attacks against Obama with minimal challenges. There was no mention on the “We report. You decide” network about the many radical statements Corsi has made in the past which might have affected viewers’ reactions to him. With video.

Although Media Matters has already documented one falsehood in the book, Corsi told Sean Hannity, “I’ll stand by the truth of every statement in this book.”

Media Matters has also posted some of the “truths” Corsi has pronounced in the past:

"RAGHEADS are Boy-Bumpers as clearly as they are Women-Haters -- it all goes together"

"After he married TerRAHsa, didn't John Kerry begin practicing Judiasm? He also has paternal grandparents that were Jewish. What religion is John Kerry?"

Corsi on Senator "FAT HOG" Clinton: "Anybody ask why HELLary couldn't keep BJ Bill satisfied? Not lesbo or anything, is she?”

Something tells me a good chunk of the Hannity & Colmes viewership might have found those statements very relevant in making their judgments about Corsi's credibility.

Hannity was nearly ecstatic at every one of Corsi’s pronouncements, particularly the ones that made Obama look like a black militant. Kirsten Powers was disappointingly meek as Corsi went on with his wild, unsubstantiated accusations. And, of course, there was no guest to represent Obama to balance this double-segment smearfest.

Nobody challenged Corsi’s ludicrous claim that Malcolm X was Obama’s mentor in college, even though Malcolm X died when Obama was about 4 years old.

Corsi also slyly conflated anti-militaristic with anti-military. He called Obama’s plan to pull out of Iraq an “anti-military position... The instinctual position of Obama is to be anti-military.” However, a lot of veterans think otherwise. By the way, I could find no indication that Corsi ever served when he had the opportunity. I believe he would have been of age when there was still a draft.

Corsi claimed, “Obama chose (former 60's radical William) Ayers knowing exactly who he was – a radical terrorist bomber.” He didn’t say what Obama chose Ayers to do nor did he mention that Ayers has been living a respectable, upstanding life for decades. Ayers' Weather Underground activities occurred while Obama was a young child.

But the most outrageous thing Corsi said was that Obama supports “even late term (abortion), after the child was born.” Corsi claimed that while Obama was in the Illinois State Senate, he “wanted the child killed if the mother desired an abortion.”

Hilariously, Corsi complained that Obama advisor David Axelrod creates a “cult of a personality and projects this image so that issues are never articulated.” This from the man who did his best to derail the articulating of issues in the 2004 election and make it about the image of John Kerry based on events 40 years old.

“Obama’s going to lose,” Corsi predicted. “Our campaigns are about policy issues and when it gets down to the income redistribution, the capital gains tax, all these social issues, the anti-military issues, these are policies the issues (sic) will decide on.”

Corsi is going to return tonight for a special edition of Hannity’s America that will, presumably, pre-empt Hannity & Colmes.