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In synch with McCain, FOX and Friends accuse Obama of "bringing up race" again

Reported by Chrish - August 1, 2008 -

The talking point du jour, I'm predicting, will be whether Barack Obama himself injected race into the presidential campaign with his remarks that Republicans want to scare voters by insinuating that he is not patriotic enough and reminding them that he has an unusual name and doesn't look like previous presidents. John McCain, accusing Obama of playing the race card, says he's "disappointed." FOX and Friends hammered the "issue" this morning 8/1/08 in a number of segments, but former national Urban League president Hugh Price handled it well.
With video.

It's interesting that McCain and FOX have zeroed in on just one of the three accusations leveled by Obama - must have hit a sore spot. Obama was merely reminding supporters of all the false accusations and innuendo he's had to endure from the right. Of course FOX has helped make Obama look "scary" with their outrageous repetitions of the Jeremiah Wright tapes, rumors of close association with Bill Ayers, and don't forget the kerfuffle over him in traditional Kenyan garb and the infamous "terrorist fist jab."

Hugh Price called it a sideshow, saying race was never out of the campaign and Obama never started it. Alisyn Camerota was like a dog on a bone, bringing it back around to "Obama brought it up again." As noted above, he brought up three different ways Republicans have been smearing him to make him unattractive to voters; it is now the right that is jumping on 1/3 of his statement and attempting to blow it up.

Price briefly addressed John McCain's visit today to the NUL.

There were numerous other mentions of Obama's remarks and a later discussion with Geraldo Rivera, all of which were framed as Obama bringing up race and injecting it into the campaign. The mere mention of his physical appearance is sending the right into paroxysms of defensiveness.