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Kirsten Powers Gives Karl Rove Hell Over "Obama Snubbed The Wounded Soldiers" Smear

Reported by Ellen - July 31, 2008 -

Kirsten Powers was nothing less than terrific in her confrontation with Karl Rove on last night's (7/30/08) Hannity & Colmes over the Republican attacks about Barack Obama’s canceled visit to an Army medical center to visit the troops last week. Rove was sputtering with surprise and indignation at the end. With video.

It’s about time that Democrats stood up and hit back on this ridiculous smear. Not to take anything away from Powers but she’s not exactly James Carville or Howard Dean and it says more about their Party than about her that she’s the first one I’ve seen put it so well.

My favorite line of hers: “I can’t believe that you’re actually suggesting that (Obama) absolutely doesn’t care about the troops... The accusation is meant to insinuate that he only cares about the troops to use them as a photo op, is it not?”

Rove stuttered to reply that he was not suggesting such a thing, that he was saying that "visiting the troops is less important to (Obama) than visiting the troops with his campaign advisor in tow."

Which sounded to me like he had just proved her point.

Unfortunately, Powers was far more tame during her second segment with Rove. But she was heads and shoulders above her predecessor in substitute co-hosting, Susan Estrich.

Media Matters put out an excellent timeline of the smear which also notes Sean Hannity's role. One wonders what role Rove has played in it.