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Hannity Uses Ludacris To Paint Obama (Again) As A Black Radical

Reported by Ellen - July 31, 2008 -

White rights enthusiast Sean Hannity has a new black man in his sights, Ludacris. Hannity, who for years offered a sympathetic microphone to Neo-Nazi/white supremacist Hal Turner, used Ludacris and his over-the-top lyrics on behalf of Barack Obama for a threefer on last night’s (7/30/08) Hannity & Colmes. Hannity was able to attack an African American (one of his favorite obsessions), use him to smear Barack Obama (Hannity’s biggest obsession these days) and, better yet, use Ludacris to paint Obama as a black radical because he has, in the past, expressed a liking for Ludacris. Thank goodness, professor Caroline Heldman didn’t let Hannity get away with it. With video.

Joining in the theme, conservative Bay Buchanan complained about not being able to use Obama’s middle name. Why would she want to, unless to try to use it to ethnically malign him? I did not notice her using McCain’s middle name in either of the two segments.

Kirsten Powers did a decent job as substitute co-host. She’s a vast improvement over Susan Estrich who subbed for Alan Colmes the previous two nights.

But the best person on the panel by far was professor Caroline Heldman. Heldman has been on the show before and with a quiet, agreeable manner, she steadfastly makes her points concisely and incisively and, better yet, she refuses to be intimidated by bullyboy Hannity. Heldman is our latest top dog.

There’s a place in the Democrats Hall of Shame for pollster Doug Schoen, probably next to Estrich. Is Schoen really so stupid that he does not realize he’s acting as Hannity’s patsy by attacking Democrats on Hannity & Colmes? Or is Schoen so craven that he’ll screw his own Party for the sake of cozying up to conservatives? I report. You decide.