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Fox News Receives “Award”

Reported by Priscilla - July 31, 2008 -

Brit Hume, in attempting to show bad, partisan behavior and lack of journalistic ethics on the part of minority (African Americans in this case) journalists, used a quote from Ernest Suggs,Vice President of the National Association of Black Journalists in last night’s “Grapevine.” But he neglected to mention that this organization just conferred Fox News with the honor of being one of the 2008 recipients of the Thumbs Down Awards which is “given annually to an individual or organization for especially insensitive, racist or stereotypical reporting, commentary, photography or a cartoon at odds with the goals of NABJ” The other recipient was Pat Buchanan. The president of NABJ, Barbara Ciara cited Fox’s infamous “terrorist fist jab” and the “Obama baby moma” as well as stating, “If I had to list the atrocities committed by FOX News this election year, we’d be in this room all day. No other network has a worse record of inaccurate portrayals of African-Americans than FOX News.” The award was given last week. Wonder if last night’s “Grapevine” was payback. One thing is for sure. You won’t hear about this on “Grapevine!”