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Brave New PAC to McCain: stop the lies

Reported by Chrish - July 31, 2008 -

Brave New Films has started Brave New PAC and has a video and petition asking John McCain to stop running the false and negative attack ad about Senator Obama, basketball, and our wounded troops.

Robert Greenwald and the team write:

"The traditional press is up in arms over John McCain's latest dishonest ad attacking Barack Obama. MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell called the ad "completely wrong, factually wrong!" The New York Times said it was "a false account of what occurred." And The Washington Post said the ad offered "no evidence" to support McCain's claims.

McCain must disavow this ad and make sure it never airs again. We won't let this race degenerate into ad distortions like the last election; we won't be silent in the face of lies. That's why we created this video entitled When McCain Attacks.

Watch the video and sign the petition.

Help end McCain's campaign of dishonesty. Sign our petition to compel McCain to disavow this ad and yank it from the air. Then send it to all your friends, family members, and colleagues. Tell them to spread it to everyone they know, and Digg it!

Hurry, because we're already seeing McCain's lies insidiously spread by other news outlets. Join us in declaring that we've had enough lies and dishonesty, we're ready for a new kind of politics.

Watch the video, sign the petition, Diggit, and pass it on!