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Bill O'Reilly: "One weirdo after another is being trotted out as somewhat familiar with Barack Obama"

Reported by Deborah - July 31, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly, with the help of both Bernie Goldberg and Jane Hall managed to turn the Ludacris lyrics story into a full blown attack on Obama playing up today's talking point about Obama playing the race card and also weaving in the old "guilt by association" favorite. All were careful to note that Obama can't be held responsible for Ludacris' lyrics before creating a noxious cloud of doubt in viewers minds

O'Reilly went for the association smear sharing a campaign idea for McCain. BOR suggested a 30 second spot using the "Friends" theme with shots of Wright, Pflegar, Ayers and Ludacris " and any other clown..."

Goldberg loved BOR's idea but chose to push the "race card" talking point for his turn. He reminded viewers that Ludacris wanted to terrify white people with his line about painting the White House black adding that blue collar workers wouldn't like that line.

Jane Hall agreed with them and reaffirmed their points but later added that black politicians are asked more often to disassociate themselves from people. She made the excellent point that John McCain is never asked to separate himself from his supporters spreading hate about Obama.

Both men acted surprised and dismissed the McCain hate brigade as insignificant and weak. BOR commented that they were nothing like Moveon and shut her down with a booming quip about painting the White House even whiter. (Just a little crack to amuse "The Folks" to let them know he feels their pain.) Although they repeated often that it wasn't Obama's fault somehow the segment had the opposite effect.

Finally BOR dropped Obama and lightened up with a little Gay and View bashing for fun.