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Praying for lower gas prices

Reported by Chrish - July 30, 2008 -

This morning 7/30/08 on FOX and Friends Steve Doocy teased about some "crazy news" from LA, where the "food police" have banned fast food restaurants in three South Central neighborhoods. In the eventual segment the three hosts (Doocy, Brain Kilmeade, and substitute Martha McCallum) argued free market, personal responsibility, and government interference. They invited viewers to email them their opinions on whether the city government should do this or not.

I bring this up only to highlight the use of the word "crazy" and how it is applied on FOX. The segment before the tease, "Gas and God," was a full-blown interview with a man who conducts prayer ceremonies at gas pumps, and who is urging others to broaden the practice. Since he and his group have started praying, gas prices have come down - it MUST be cause and effect! This interview was conducted with all seriousness and not once did Doocy say it was "crazy." More massaging of the extremely religious on FOX "News."

Rocky Twyman, the leader of the "movement," first thanked DC FOX for first carrying the story (anyone surprised?) and now it has exploded. McCallum inserted the talking point that since Bush lifted the ban on offshore drilling, prices have come down, but he thinks prayer has had an effect? They've added a new verse to "We shall overcome": We'll have lower gas prices.

Twyman said they also call for people to carpool and walk more and organize their days better - in other words, to cut consumption, They've also prayed (demonstrated) in front of the Saudi embassy in DC, to get OPEC to increase production. So, it's not the prayer, it's the "work" that accompanies it that may have an effect.

I wonder what response they'd get is they asked viewers to email them, is praying for lower gas prices an act of futility?