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Funny How Hannity & Colmes Ignored All The Bad News About Republicans

Reported by Ellen - July 30, 2008 -

There's been plenty of bad news about Republicans this week but none of it has been discussed on Hannity & Colmes.

* On Monday (7/28/08), the Department of Justice issued a report finding that its officials had "violated federal law and Department policy" by basing the hiring, firing and promoting of some Department applicants on politics. As Think Progress notes, the report could result in criminal perjury charges against some DOJ officials.

* Senator Ted Stevens, a powerful Republican senator, was indicted yesterday (7/29/08) on seven felony counts of failing to disclose gifts received from an oil services company.

* John McCain has upset some conservatives by suggesting that he might back off his "no new taxes" pledge. Yesterday, he re-pledged not to raise taxes. Interestingly, FOXNews.com placed his re-pledge, as their most prominent story on their election page, without noting in the headline, so that you have to click past the page (and read down to the fourth paragraph) in order to discover it, that there was any controversy over the issue in the first place.

But while Hannity & Colmes continued to dwell on Obama's canceled visit to the troops in Germany (there were another two segments about it last night), there have been no discussions on any of the above.