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FOX News Democrat Susan Estrich Finds Obama Smears Hilarious

Reported by Ellen - July 30, 2008 -

Conservative Mike Gallagher made a series of shocking and false smears against the Obama family on last night’s (7/29/08) Hannity & Colmes. Co-host Susan Estrich, substituting for Democrat Alan Colmes, not only failed to challenge Gallagher’s hateful remarks, she laughed uproariously at them. She also failed to rebut Sean Hannity’s distortions about supposed media favoritism toward Barack Obama. UPDATE: Comments received from Gallagher's producer With video.

Hannity opened the two-part discussion with an announcement that a new Gallup poll shows “only Democrats were impressed” with Obama’s overseas trip. Hannity asserted that the poll “reveals voters are twice as likely to classify media coverage of Obama as unfairly positive rather than unfairly negative and in the case of McCain, the opposite is the truth, with many more seeing coverage of him as negative.”

Actually, that’s not the truth. The poll results show that a plurality of voters (46%) think the McCain coverage is just right, with 32% finding it unfairly negative. And while Hannity is correct that twice the number of respondents found Obama coverage unfairly positive (39%) than unfairly negative (15%), he never mentioned that 39% found Obama’s coverage just right, the same number as found it unfairly positive.

Also not mentioned was that regardless of public perception, a study by The Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University found that TV networks have actually been much tougher on Obama than McCain.

Speaking to Gallagher, Hannity took another misleading swipe at Obama (which Estrich also never disputed): “No big surprises here, especially in light of (Obama), you know, abandoning the troop visit because the cameras weren’t allowed and the campaign (staff) weren’t allowed. I think this is a net negative for him.”

Gallagher responded, “Even with the fawning media coverage, the kernels of truth slip out. He continued by bringing up a recent interview with Barack and Michelle Obama in People Magazine which, Gallagher falsely claimed, “revealed that the Obamas don’t believe in giving their children Christmas presents or birthday gifts.”

In fact, that’s not what the article revealed at all. It was clear that the Obama’s DO give their children Christmas presents because on the first page, Michelle Obama is quoted as saying about her elder daughter, “Malia believes there is still a Santa Claus even though she's a little wary because some of her friends are non-believers. But Malia says, ‘Ma, I know there is a Santa because there's no way you'd buy me all that stuff.’” Michelle Obama also explains that the reason they don’t give the girls birthday gifts is because they spend “hundreds of dollars on a birthday party and movie tickets and pizza and popcorn.” Barack Obama added, “That sleepover is enough. We want to teach some limits to them. And their friends bring over presents.”

Gallagher continued, “Now, we’ve been looking for proof that they’re socialists. There it is. There’s proof positive that this is a socialist family. These children are going to have a lifetime of therapy to contend with.”

Estrich laughed boisterously. She not only seemed to have no problem with Gallagher’s awful mis-characterization she made a point of letting him know how much she appreciated his humor.

At the end of Part 2 of the discussion, which was purportedly about Oliver Stone’s forthcoming movie about George W. Bush, Estrich revisited the issue of the Obama’s gift-giving – not by defending them but in joining the hilarity against them. “I just want to know if you buy Christmas gifts for your kids, Sean,” she joked.

Hannity said his wife “spoils them rotten” on Christmas.

Gallagher jumped in. “I’m telling you. I’m worried about these kids not getting Christmas and birthday presents."

Estrich laughed loudly.

Gallagher added, “Sean, they’re gonna wind up on a bell tower someday if we don’t send ‘em presents.”

Estrich erupted in loud belly laughs. “Let’s collect, Sean!” she exclaimed.

UPDATE: I received an invitation to appear on Mike Gallagher's radio show this morning. I did not see the email until after the show had concluded but I offered Gallagher and his producer the opportunity to comment. The producer forwarded to me a link which he says proves that the Obamas do not give their kids Christmas gifts. I have been unable to open it from my work computer but will check it again later. I have asked the producer whether he would like me to print his comment in full and will do so if he wishes.