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Bill O'Reilly: "I don't want a radical like George Soros running this country."

Reported by Deborah - July 30, 2008 -

During tonight's TPM Confronting Dishonesty Part 2, Bill O'Reilly took his viewers down a twisting road to his final conclusion that dangerous radical, George Soros is trying to run this country. His real message, however, that a vote for Obama is a vote for George Soros was left unspoken.

He opened with a reminder that last night Scott McClellan admitted the truth that he did not receive talking points from the White House. O'Reilly stressed "I did not receive talking points" but didn't say anything about anyone else at his network. FOX News, according to BOR, is demonized by the Left even though the perfectly balanced network dominates cable news.

Proclaiming that dishonesty in politics must be confronted, he attacked Howard Dean for stating that he would no longer let Democrats be defined by Rush Limbaugh or Bill O'Reilly. Then BOR went on define Democrats proving his own dishonesty rather than Dean's.

He claimed that Sen.Jim Webb (D) did not appear on The Factor to discuss the GI Bill because Webb's press person, Jessica Smith, previously worked with Moveon. O'Reilly concluded, without any proof, that she convinced Senator Webb to shun FOX News.

Using buzz words and phrases like dangerous, radical, enormous amounts of money and far-left controls, O'Reilly tried to convince his viewers that George Soros controls Moveon who in turn tells Democrats what to say and do.( Much like the White House controls FOX News who in turn tell their commentators what to say)

After his statement, " I don't want a radical like George Soros running this country.", viewers were invited to make the one inch leap to a connection between Soros and Obama. No doubt they ran under their desks trembling with fear.