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The Fox Business Network Debuted in the Tank, and It's Still There

Reported by Melanie - July 29, 2008 -

Okay, so the Fox "Business Network" debuted last October. Making a cameo appearance on opening day, Bill O'Reilly set the tone: “You want to basically have fun,” Mr. O’Reilly told the anchor Cheryl Casone. “Its so intense, the whole business world. The more fun you can have with it, I think the more people will watch.”

A network that is a propagandist for the Republican party - more specifically for the radical extremists in the Republican party - decides that it's going to launch a "business news" channel and steal all the business-types from CNBC? Now that's funny.

The reviews were awful. They New York Times reported in January that its average daytime audience amounted to 6,300 viewers, which is terrible.

Around that time, honcho Neil Cavuto began to beg his Your World audience to call their cable provider to "demand" that they carry it, and in May, Fox revamped some of the shows hoping that would help.

Last week Fox debuted an ad for the network which it is running on the Fox News Channel. In it, Fox claims that FBN takes business news to "the next level" and it doesn't do "jargon," code for it won't confuse you with pesky facts that people interested in business news want to know. At the end, it directs viewers on how to find the dang station. Here it is:

Now we learn the reason for all the desperation: "Report: Fox Business Network Averaging Just 8,000 Daytime Viewers; 20,000 Prime Time." Woohoo! It increased its daytime viewers by 1,500 since January.

Comment: Before the network premiered I predicted it would bomb. If it wasn't going to do serious business news, anyone who wanted that would watch CNBC. If it was going to be a shill for the GOP, like the Fox News Channel, why would anyone move over? And, it seems that's exactly what has happened.

Stay tuned.

(H/T Mark.)