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O'Reilly: Scott McClellan "weak man"

Reported by Chrish - July 29, 2008 -

FOX must have gotten their talking points on how to handle the Scott McClellan revelation on Hardball last week (July 25) that the White House directed talking points to FOX News personalities for amplification, and today's directive (probably from Irena Briganti, Fox's VP of media relations, and #2 in the PR command structure) was to kill the messenger. What's a network to do? This morning 7/29/08 Bill O'Reilly called in to FOX and Friends to do propaganda damage control and to destroy the former White House spokesman.
With video.

O'Reilly, whose tone said he is oh so tired of all these false accusations, said McClellan is not a bad man, but he is a weak man - implying he is not strong enough to be loyal and keep his mouth shut. He allows himself to be baited by talk show hosts and he's "not smart enough" to see he's being used. (I think that's the entire premise of McClellan's book.)

For his next predictable excuse, O'Reilly attacked MSNBC, the entire network, for being "in the tank" for Barack Obama and mumbled off into childish taunts, which he projected onto them. According to O'Reilly, once McClellan realized what he said, he panicked - BOR never got Talking Points and everybody know that! (maybe what seemed so insider-clever back in the nineties, blatantly naming the talking points Talking Points, seems a bit cocky today.) This just goes to show McClellan's character, who he is.

Alisyn Camerota did her part to impugn McClellan, noting that it's "interesting" that he denies passing talking points himself, even though as Press Secretary he was the White House media liaison. O'Reilly pulled out the trump card: "he's just trying to sell his book." (See Outfoxed, if you haven't already, to see Richard Clarke given the same treatment on FOX.) He just "babbles on and on," he "got played," so O'Reilly had to step up and say something.

The farleft nuts are going wild with this crap; McClellan lied not out of malice ("like the commentators at MSNBC do") but because he's weak and "he doesn't know what he's talking about."

Speaking of dumb, Brian Kilmeade piped up and accused that McClellan's book sales had peaked and he's just doing this to revitalize sales (of course he didn't use such big words). Should Bill O'Reilly even respond? because the mere fact of him responding will drive book sales up up and away. O'Reilly doesn't care about how many books he sells, he's just not going to let someone go on national teevee and tell a lie. (That's HIS job!) No one would dare give him a talking point! O'Reilly is actually a little sympathetic to McClellan because he's not smart enough to know when he's being played. (We heard this particular talking point when the book first came out; in fact, we've heard this all before.)

Steve Doocy had his turn, and laughed off an incident he said happened several years ago when someone ("Dan Rather!" O'Reilly interrupted) said FOX and Friends got their talking points from the White House. That's ridiculous to Doocy because they get there at 3:00AM and who is up at the WH at that time of day? Actually, his recall is bad - it was not F&F specifically, it was FOX News, and it was Chris Matthews making a comment at a private party that caused Gretchen Carlson to famously protest "...we receive our talking points from our own heads!"

Regardless, O'Reilly was in attack mode and had set his sights on Dan Rather and went on a tangent, concluding that Rather and McClellan said too much, thought "uh-oh," but weren't "man enough" to admit their mistake.

Camerota presented the final seque, asking where he comes up with his talking points? From his "own demented mind;" "it just keeps coming out, the hits just keep on coming."

O'Reilly, sounding decidedly like Eeyore, did his job as FOX News top attack dog and personally savaged Scott McClellan's character, intelligence, and manhood. He's obviously tired of the fight (now that there actually is a fight after 7-8 years of unchallenged spewing) but he's got a big fat contract to fulfill.