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Democrats Shut Out Of Hannity & Colmes Again

Reported by Ellen - July 29, 2008 -

Once again, Hannity & Colmes spent almost an entire show focusing on the upcoming election with a lineup that included no Democrats.

The “fair and balanced” guest list last night (7/28/08) consisted of Mike Huckabee, Dick Morris, Charlie Crist, Jesse Ventura and a repeat airing of a six-minute video ridiculing Obama called, Barack Obama: The Child - The Messiah - The Obamessiah. The same video was shown Friday night.

Susan Estrich sat in for a vacationing Alan Colmes. But, as I have come to expect from her, she spent more time sucking up to Sean Hannity than offering any real balance. In fact, as I noted in my previous post, she did not even bother to mention that John McCain’s latest attack ad, aired on the show last night, is false.

Needless to say, there was no discussion of the day's Justice Department report that former Bush loyalists at the DoJ illegally made hiring decisions based on politics.