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Bill O'Reilly Saves Face By Humiliating Scott McClellan

Reported by Deborah - July 29, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly has been focused on damage control since Scott McClellan told Chris Matthews that the White House fed FOX News talking points and dared to confirm that O'Reilly and Hannity were recipients. Yesterday, O'Reilly was in the low key denial phase but today he went on the attack. An early morning smear fest on Fox & Friends was followed with a face to face, verbal thrashing and humiliation on his radio show. Finally, tonight BOR got his groove back by repeating McClellan's embarrassing radio apology for his Factor viewers. Hopefully, a bare backed public caning on the sidewalk outside FOX News won't be necessary.

Tonight the title of BOR's TPM was "The Truth Matters". (I'm not kidding) BOR opened with the shocking news that some "hard news" networks like NBC (not FOX) have become "politicized". It was the usual stuff claiming MSNBC has veered left because the network is run by "committed liberals", the network is broke while FOX is successful and Barack Obama might be elected so, they want to draw liberal viewers.

O'Reilly explained that it wouldn't matter if these networks didn't lie. Then of course he used McClellan's Hardball appearance as an example of a politicized news network lying. ( Please remember that the "truth matters" to Bill O'Reilly who might actually believe he has never done this himself)

When Scott McClellan's televised punishment began,. he was suitably contrite as he retracted his statement that O'Reilly had received TP from the White House. However, Bill-O wanted to hear "I'm sorry" from McClellan and then complained that it took 3 minutes for him to say it. Then Bill demanded that McClellan use a complete sentence but even that wasn't enough because BOR sensed that his surrender was not total. When McClellan suggested that BOR owed him an apology, the raging beast emerged. McClellan might have been better off with 20 lashes or maybe a brief stoning.