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Sean Hannity Inspiration For Latest McCain Attack Ad?

Reported by Ellen - July 28, 2008 -

According to ABC News, the John McCain campaign blasted an email on Friday (7/25/08) quoting Sean Hannity's attack on Barack Obama. A day later, Hannity's message was the framework of McCain's latest attack ad. ABC implies that Hannity inspired the ad but I suspect it was the other way around. Either way, it's a revealing glimpse at just how intertwined Hannity and the Republican Party are.

ABC reported:

On Friday, among the blizzard of daily e-mails the ever-vigilant McCain press office sends, was one under the headline "In Case You Missed It: Hannity on Barack Obama's Cancelled Military Visits."

It quoted the conservative Fox News commentator Sean Hannity saying, "If you want my take on this, if you want to remember one thing about this trip, is that Barack Obama chose to work out rather than see the wounded troops because he couldn't bring Katie Couric, Charlie Gibson and Brian Williams with him."

...(The next day), the McCain campaign dropped the bomb in the form of a new television ad entitled "Troops." It featured an extraordinarily harsh attack line: "And now, he made time to go to the gym, but cancelled a visit with wounded troops. Seems the Pentagon wouldn't allow him to bring cameras."

It's possible that Hannity was the inspiration for the ad but my own guess is that Hannity got wind of an ad in the works or, at the least, of a campaign talking point that he dutifully parroted. Regardless, it was an effort the McCain camp immediately exploited to the hilt.

TPM ElectionCentral reported Friday morning that the real reason Obama canceled his visit to the troops was because Pentagon rules would not allow campaign staffers to accompany him.