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McCain homes worth over ten times Obama's - who's elitist?

Reported by Chrish - July 28, 2008 -

I came across this older post about John Edwards' new home and was struck by this FOX talking point presented in a lower third chyron: "Should presidential candidates live in $6 million mansions?" it got me thinking - we've heard about the Obama's $1.6 million home in Chicago (as far back as 2006 FOX has been painting him as an "elitist"), but no word on the McCain's home. Homes, I should say. Lookee here:

According to this virtual tour, the McCains own between 10-13 homes and properties worth $12,750,000 - and that does not include the value of the 3-6 ranch properties where McCain hosted Vice-Presidential hopefuls. The FOXies better quit while they're ahead on the "elitist" meme - Barack and Michelle have got nothing on John and Cindy. (And if they want to use the Obamas' Harvard degrees as fodder, they'll have to explain to the folks why Bill O'Reilly, with his Harvard degree and $50 million contract, is still humble. Oh what a tangled web....)

H/T Jedreport for the video.