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Dick Morris Wants To Start War Against Iran To Help McCain Get Elected

Reported by Ellen - July 26, 2008 -

For Dick Morris, war is simply good electoral strategy. During a double segment on last night’s (7/25/08) Hannity & Colmes. FOX News contributor Morris gleefully predicted to a horrified Alan Colmes that Israel would attack Iran within a timeframe based on the U.S. Elections. Morris, who never put his own tooshie on the line with military service, argued that an attack would be a good thing not just because of the situation with Iran but because it would help Senator John McCain get elected. With video.

In Part 1, at the end of his first go-round with Sean Hannity, Dick Morris giggled as he theorized that Iranian ayatollahs sighed with relief over Obama’s plan to place tougher sanctions on Iran, rather than threaten military action.

Alan Colmes asked if that wouldn’t be seen as beating the drums of war.

“Yeah,” Morris said enthusiastically. Not only did he admit that he wanted that, he said that Americans wanted it, too. With distasteful relish, Morris added, “Scaring the hell out of them... That’s the only way to give diplomacy a chance.”

Morris continued, “Right now the key question going on in Israel and in Iran, I would imagine – certainly in Israel, is will Obama let us use Iraq to attack Iran? And the betting among Isreali politicians is no.”

Colmes asked if Iraq isn’t a sovereign government and pointed out that its prime minister has already said it will not allow the US to use its airspace or territory to attack Iran.

Morris sounded like a Mafia don when he replied, “I think they could be persuaded.”

Morris said that depending on who becomes head of Israel’s governing party, there could easily be an attack on Iran before Obama is sworn in, if he wins the election. “If it’s McCain, they may give it a little longer. And the fascinating thing is that if Obama and McCain are close, and if (the hawkish Israeli candidate) wins that primary, my bet is he attacks before election day to help McCain win.”

“And you think that’s a good thing?” Colmes asked with obvious displeasure.

“Yes... absolutely!” Morris answered.

“For the purpose of having McCain win or because you think attacking Iran is a good idea?” Colmes asked.

“Both,” Morris responded.

Morris also made the dubious assertion, “I think the Saudis and the Iraqis and the Kuwaitis will have parties of thanksgiving that Israel is doing the attacking. They’ll denounce it in public but they’ll love it in private.”

Colmes continued the discussion in Part 2 by stating his concern that Morris was “playing politics with a war.”

Morris now claimed he was not advocating starting a war for political gain. Then, apparently forgetting that he’s an American, Morris said, “If you are Israel, and you are only concerned about Israel, it’s what you’re in business for, and you have an option of attacking in December or attacking in October or September, and attacking in September and October would bring, may help defeat somebody who you regard as squishy soft on his commitment to you, and help elect somebody who you regard as hard as nails in his commitment to you, you take the action that helps you.”

After Colmes disputed the characterization of Obama as “squishy soft,” Morris made it clear that he was looking at military action as part of his electoral strategy. He said, “I believe that if the polling suggests that McCain is gonna win, that (the Israelis) may not bomb until after the election or until after the inauguration because they have every confidence that McCain will make the right decision. But if the polling shows Obama’s gonna win, they’ll attack before the inauguration because they have no confidence that Obama will let them use Iraqi air space.”

Morris predicted that if Israel attacks, “There’ll be a massive retaliation by Iran against Israel of conventional weapons and you may at that point see an invasion of Lebanon, an invasion of the West Bank, an invasion of Gaza. You may see a whole mess there. At that point, this country is not going to elect a guy who spent four weeks abroad and that’s his foreign policy experience.”

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