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Rudy Giuliani on FOX again to promote McCain

Reported by Chrish - July 24, 2008 -

Rudy Giuliani was on FOX and Friends again this morning 7.24.08 acting as a McCain surrogate, promoting his candidate and criticizing Barack Obama for two consecutive segments. There was no debate or counter-segments with an Obama supporter.

Giuliani, again speculated to be either McCain's running mate or perhaps a NY gubernatorial candidate, checked in from RNC hadquarters, amking this three segments direct from the RNC on FOX and Friends. His comments about Obama were scathing, fearing that Americans were about to make a very big mistake electing such an inexperienced man, perhaps the least experienced in 100 years. He said Obama embodies "style over substance" and stated he didn't go on this current tour to learn, it's all a staged event.

Giuliani acted astounded that Obama has never been to Germany before and reiterated the inexperienced talking point (five times), suggesting that crowds are turning out just to see the phenomena (twice) of such an inexperienced one. McCain, on the other hand, is "probably one of the most knowledgeable people about the world."

Can we GET any less fairandbalanced?