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More Unfair, Unbalanced Whining On FOX News About Supposed Media Bias Against McCain

Reported by Ellen - July 24, 2008 -

Hannity & Colmes again last night (7/23/08) provided exactly the kind of unfair, unbalanced coverage of the presidential campaign that Sean Hannity unceasingly complained was occurring elsewhere in the media. First, there was a triple-segment interview with John McCain with softball questions from Sean Hannity, only, in which McCain distorted Obama’s positions without correction from Hannity (Alan Colmes later corrected the most egregious one). That was followed by a single segment with an Obama supporter who faced questions from both hosts. Republican Karl Rove got two subsequent segments in which to attack Obama. With video.

Hannity never gave the slightest indication of concern that the show (or the rest of the media) spent disproportionate amounts of time attacking Barack Obama during the primary season, yet he has not stopped whining about the favorable coverage Obama is now receiving during his trip abroad.

In the first McCain segment last night, Hannity melodramtically griped that 2008 is the year journalism ended. But somehow our crusading interviewer never got around to asking McCain about his latest flub about the Anbar Awakening nor the fact that CBS edited out the flub.

In the second McCain segment, our would-be media standard-bearer offered no correction as McCain falsely accused Obama of not applauding the success of our troops. Colmes, however, set the record straight in one of the later segments.

In the third McCain segment, McCain and Hannity falsely alleged that Obama opposes the use of nuclear energy and coal when, in fact, they are both part of his energy plan.

Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wash.) got only one segment to provide the Democratic perspective and that opportunity was conveniently sandwiched between McCain’s triple segment and Rove’s double. But Smith and Colmes tag-teamed to provide more than double the punch. If you ask me, they did Obama more good than Rove did for McCain. You can watch Smith in the first video below (I apologize for the video quality).

Rove’s second segment (the second video below) began with a clip from an Obama interview with Katie Couric pressing him about the success of the surge. The “fair and balanced” banner read, “Katie Couric tries to get a straight answer from Obama.” Funny how the FOX News producers never noted that CBS edited out McCain’s latest blunder on the timeline of events in Iraq. Colmes did. But neither McCain's gaffe nor the benefit provided to him by CBS ever made it into FNC's official framing of the segment.

Rove tried to dismiss the fact that McCain had just bungled his history of Iraq, the issue that supposedly defines his candidacy and his superiority over Obama. Rove said, “Let’s not get into sort of nit-nat mistakes. After all, Barack Obama said we need more Arabic translators in Afghanistan. They don’t speak Arabic in Afghanistan... Let’s not get into this.”

After Colmes pressed, Rove admitted that McCain had gotten his facts wrong. Rove added, “Don’t make a big deal of that because if you do, you’re going to then have to make a big deal of all of the misstatements by Barack Obama to date.”

“Well, you’ll do that for me,” Colmes quipped.

But at the end, Hannity asked Rove if Obama's trip abroad would be a "net plus" for Obama. Rove admitted that it would be.