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FOX Friends promote RNC's Obama nitpicking, ignore McCain blunders

Reported by Chrish - July 24, 2008 -

Fairandbalanced FOX and Friends this morning 7/24/08 spent time on both presidential candiates - channeling criticisms of Obama and singing the praises of John McCain. A top segment detailed recent, minor gaffes by Obama's camp but completely overlooked McCain's personal major blunder pertaining to the timeline in Iraq. What a missed opportunity!
With video

Opening the program was a mocking piece highlighting the RNC's new "Audacity Watch," which details instances when the Obama campaign sounds like they're getting too big for their britches. "What they're trying to point out is that he is an arrogant guy, with a big ego," said Steve Doocy.

The gaffes included a comment by a staffer about White House rules and Obama's "eight to ten years" remark, and morphed into a reminder of his use of a sign that resembled the presidential seal (The Friends have never, to my knowledge, howled about the use of similar visual aids by Republicans.) Each instance was ridiculed and misrepresented by the hosts. Gretchen Carlson read the "zinger" from the RNC to much laughter, that at this rate it's only a matter of days until Obama opens his presidential library.

Carlson excused the obvious bashing by saying to be fairandbalanced they should note that McCain has an image of himself superimposed over an American flag.

Then to assuage the assault, Doocy quoted a professor of public affairs who said "They all have egos. The question is, does the ego become arrogance, and is the arrogance a blinding arrogance? What I've seen with Obama is a cockiness." This brought "hmm"s and shrugs, and Doocy asked if we want a cocky president?

As opposed to a swaggering cowboy? Hell yes.

If FOX really wanted to be fairandbalanced they would have told viewers about the DNC's website and their top article right now, which questions John McCain's grasp of the facts as relates to the war in Iraq. But we all know better.

Carlson's "to be fairandbalanced" remark indicates that they knew the segment was an unbalanced hit piece and in order to make it look like they were criticizing both candidates, they chose something inoccuous. Come on, what politician doesn't have a picture of him/herself with the flag? Give me a break.