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Vanity Fair spoof of New Yorker hits at McCain, not so funny on FOX

Reported by Chrish - July 23, 2008 -

This weekVanity Fair parodied sister magazine The New Yorker's controversial cover of last week, and the kids on the couch groaned at the jabs at the McCains this morning 7/23/08 on FOX and Friends.

Amended, below.

The Friends lacked their usual hype, groaning as they ticked off the cover's
"highlights:" Cindy McCain with a fistful of pills, John McCain using a walker, a picture of GWB over the fireplace, and a copy of the Constitution burning below. There was no discussion, just a dry and dreary blip of facts (!!) and then they moved on.

"So there it goes, we'll find out where 'they' go from here," said Kilmeade, obviously not yet given talking points on the topic. Of course they don't want to discuss Cindy McCain's past (unlike rumors about Michele Obama) or the meaning of Bush and burning Constitution, and if they can't joke about McCain's age then it is not mentioned at all. When the Obama cover came out all the rumors were revisited and rehashed by a parade of pundits; look for this to die out immediately, demonstrating the blip versus drip, drip, drip schools of "journalism."

Amend: This is a mock-up, not this week's cover as I originally stated. My apologies for the mix-up.