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Mary Matalin Can’t Say McCain Is Running A Good Campaign

Reported by Ellen - July 23, 2008 -

During a double segment on last night’s (7/22/08) Hannity & Colmes, Alan Colmes several times asked Republican spokeswoman Mary Matalin whether or not Senator John McCain is running a good campaign. Matalin repeatedly ducked the question. With video.

A year ago Sean Hannity was squawking about a "direct assault on the First Amendment" via what he feared was an attempt to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine. Now, it's free market be damned as he keeps whining that John McCain is not getting the same amount of press coverage as Barack Obama.

FOX News’ Democratic newcomer, Howard Wolfson, did an excellent job of arguing that Republicans should quit bellyaching about the unfairness and start running a better campaign.

At about 3:22 minutes into the first segment, Colmes asked Matalin if she thought McCain is running a good campaign.

Matalin answered with a non-sequitor. I could not understand exactly what she said but it sounded like, “This is not 1992 and I’m not suggesting that nor the media was, what McCain should be doing or any kind of strategy like that.” Matalin continued with a lengthy statement that never answered Colmes’ question.

In Part 2, Colmes asked again, “Do you think John McCain’s running a good campaign?”

Long pause. Finally, Matalin said, “I think John McCain has come, is, is, when he’s covered, is being very articulate and clear on conservative positions that we care about – from reducing health care costs to energy.”

“You mean the positions he didn’t have prior to this campaign?” Colmes asked.

"He was not in position to be answering all these national issues," Matalin said. "He’s got a good position on energy now. He’s great on taxes. He’s got market-based health care solutions. He’s security, is – and he has all these leadership skills. So who he is, what he stands for, is a marked contrast to Obama who really is an empty vessel."

Matalin replied, "Yeah, here’s the vision: There are two forms of government. There’s a centralized, controlled, command and control way of running the country. And there’s a market-based, limited government, low taxes. You call that old, the American people call that, that’s the way they want their government to run."

In other words, Matalin could not unequivocally say that McCain is running a good campaign.

Wolfson summed it up well when he said that the vision is four more years of George Bush and that’s the reason McCain is losing. Wolfson added, “He has yoked himself to George Bush. I don’t know why he’s done it. He certainly wasn’t doing it in 2000. If this was the John McCain of 2000, this would be a very different race and a very different conversation. But this is a very different John McCain. He’s going to do a third term of George Bush if he’s elected and people just don’t want it.”

Matalin did not object or refute Wolfson.