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FOX Friends swat at Obama, complain about media coverage

Reported by Chrish - July 23, 2008 -

In FOX's circular logic, since the media is covering Obama's fact-finding trip to the Middle East and Europe ("media tour"), engaging in "a love affair," a "bizarre fascination," their role is to tear him down. That's what they've always meant by fairandbalanced: they provide "balance" to the mythical liberal media. This morning 7/23/08 the Friends of FOX did their part to damage the Democratic presumptive candidate.

They asked "does Obama think he's president already?" Citing sister Murdoch holding New York Post (unidentified as such, which gives the appearance of another voice but is really just another outlet for the same one), they said he's been taken to task, and his staff has made multiple comments getting ahead of themselves.

For all the hype over the number of top-tier reporters traveling with the campaign, Mrs. Alan Greenspan/Andrea Mitchell has complained about press availability. David Gergen said Obama made a substantial gaffe in talking immediately following a meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister al-Malik; although his spokesman also made similar statements, it was deemed improper for Obama only.

"The media" is being watched this trip, so any tough questions they ask are framed as being the result of this scrutiny. Katie Couric's repeated attempts to get Obama to phrase his answer to her liking, which would give her the holy grail gotcha moment, were highlighted, although the Friends repeatedly said through the hours that Obama refuses to acknowledge that "the surge worked" and "he was wrong." Obama was seen saying that the extraordinary work of our US forces has contributed to a lessening of the violence, that there is no doubt that our troops helped to reduce violence, but he would still have preferred to apply his approach.

Why won't he just say what we want? they whined for hours.

McCain, on the other hand, was treated with pity (is that really a good idea?) because nobody is paying any attention to him. His campaign has put together an ad, which they hope goes viral, using clips to portray the media love affair with Obama. This supposedly humorous video is their answer to SNL's tease of the media during the Democratic primary.

The bias for McCain and against Obama is unmistakable throughout this 3-hour program.