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Fox Claims There Are No Drilling Rigs in the Gulf of Mexico

Reported by Melanie - July 23, 2008 -

There are times when Fox leaves me speechless. Speechless at its gall and utter lack of integrity and at the extent to which it counts on its audience being dumb as dirt. Here's why:

On Monday's Your World w/Neil Cavuto, the first "segment" was a report by Fox weather woman Domenica Davis about hurricane Dolly.

With this graphic on the screen,


Davis said, "Here's where all the oil platforms are and this is another big thing that we're going to have to watch because as this storm moves through the Gulf, we have a lot of oil platforms that it could affect."

Today (July 23, 2008), substitute host Stuart Varney was interviewing yelling at Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) about why Democrats "won't let us" drill in the Gulf. While doing so, this graphic was on-screen:


Varney: "We're looking at a map right now where there is a very large deposit of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. We know it's there. We're not allowed to go and drill for it. That's not in the area of the Gulf of Mexico where we are allowed to drill. Why don't you let us go and drill where we know the oil is?!"

Here's video of Varney:

Comment: Again, what does one say? Whenever a potential hurricane forms off the coast of Africa, Neil Cavuto tracks every inch of its movement, and has for the four years I've monitored him, scaring viewers with stories about how the price of oil could be affected if it goes into the Gulf. Yet suddenly today, crazed, insane as it is to advocate on behalf of the oil companies, for the first time in four years, Fox stretches to this extent and disappears those oil rigs. They're losing it. They don't care how low they have to go to sell us this drill-everywhere idea so "we," as in the likes of Exxon-Mobil and Shell, can drill wherever "we" want.