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Bill O'Reilly: " It is not a stretch to say Moveon is the new Klan".

Reported by Deborah - July 23, 2008 -

Tonight Bill O'Reilly, in response to the delivery of 600,000 signed petitions to FOX News headquarters announced with authority, "It is not a stretch to say Moveon is the new Klan." Juan Williams and Angela McGlowan joined O'Reilly for an hysterical attack on Moveon and a vehement but unconvincing denial of racist smears against Obama on FOX News. Also, Robert Wexler was put on BOR's rack for a second night of paybacks and Nas was dismissed and labeled "vile". All this and more in two segments.

O'Reilly's wrath was provoked by today's widely publicized protest in front of FOX News headquarters organized by Nas, Color of Change and Moveon Here's a detailed account of today's event from Reuters

O'Reilly was careful not to reveal the details of the petition and avoided the worst examples including his own comment about " a lynching party" for Michelle Obama. Then of course there was the infamous chyron during a segment with Megyn Kelly and Michelle Malkin. " Stop picking on Obama's baby mama." There are so many well documented examples that O'Reilly can only hope a prolonged and vicious attack on the messengers will control the damage.

Tonight he brought out George Soros as if the mere mention of the name would enrage his viewers. Williams and MCGlowan provided the perfect back up wail . Williams cried "Fascist-Fascist!" and sputtered and stuttered out a defense. McGlowan said she was glad O'Reilly had started a "Jihad" against Moveon.

McGlowan actually mentioned Outfoxed being watched on Capitol Hill which is like acknowledging Keith Olbermann by name on The Factor. She was ignored, of course.

Unfortunately, Robert Wexler is getting very harsh paybacks for his courageous stand against FOX News. Tonight BOR aired another portion of the ambush showing Jenkins backing him up against his front door while hammering him about his opinion of FOX News. BOR called Wexler a fraud and announced that the FBI was after him.

O'Reilly was sure to get Obama into the action warning that he must denounce Moveon and DailyKos. Huffington Post is miraculously off the hook now. BOR also warned that anybody who calls FOX News racist will get worked over on The O'Reilly Factor just like Robert Wexler.

Although the video is a little long,it is worth watching. Maybe I'll find it amusing tomorrow but right now I'm repulsed and angry.