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Robert Wexler Gets O'Reilly Ambush On Front Lawn

Reported by Deborah - July 22, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly, accusing Rep. Robert Wexler (D) of "residential fraud" tonight, showed a clip of Griff Jenkins ambushing the Congressman, in weekend attire, on his front lawn with questions about the allegations. While Bill O'Reilly elaborated on the dubious charge, a photo of Wexler with unusually red lips was shown on the screen. Then John Fund, invited to stir up more controversy, claimed that Wexler has done nothing illegal. with video
post correction below

It seems that Wexler has listed the address of his in-laws as his residence in Florida while owning a home in Maryland, where he was accosted by Bill-O's traveling mic. O'Reilly claimed it was a "ruse" and expected Fund to back him up. However, Fund was forced to admit that it wasn't illegal at all.

BOR continued the probe speculating about the state taxes Wexler pays insinuating that he is trying to cheat in some way because Florida has no state income tax.

O'Reilly continued the empty speculation trying unsuccessfully to discredit Wexler in some way. However, the only question that remains for me is how did Congressman Wexler's lips get so red in that shot?

note: In the original post I mistakenly stated that Fund brought up the fact that Florida has no state income tax. However, it was O'Reilly who said that. The correct information was always in the video which was included in the original post.