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Fox: Turn the Country Over to the Oil Companies

Reported by Melanie - July 22, 2008 -

So, are we supposed to turn the entire country over to the oil companies? That appears to be what Fox "business news" is pushing these days. For the last month they've been talking about how, if "we" could only drill in ANWR and off the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS), we'd be swimming in cheap gas within a year or two. As if that push to prolong the inevitable wasn't enough, oil shale mining was the topic du jour today (July 22, 2008).

Fox's oil guy, Eric Bolling, the "world's leading oil speculator" (no conflict there, huh?), was the go-to guy in a segment titled, "New Fed Plan to Tap 800B Barrels of Oil from Rock." He is all for mining in the Green River Formation which the "new Fed plan" targets. Green River lies beneath Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. According to Bolling, if we tore these areas up, we could have "160 years' supply."

This article - "About Oil Shale" - talks about the Green River Formation (discovered in the 1930's) and what oil shale mining entails. Never mind leveling the Rocky Mountains, among other things, it takes "several barrels of water" to produce one barrel of oil. Bolling blew that little ditty off but the Green River Formation is in my parched backyard. Water is a huge issue in my neck of the woods what-is-becoming-a-desert. It might not matter to single-minded pundits on a "news" channel broadcast from mid-town Manhattan, but water and how cities like Denver, Phoenix and Las Vegas will share it in the immediate future is on the table now out here. So for Bolling and Fox to tease the audience and present this issue in such a simple light is wrong; pure oil company propaganda that ignores the complications. Especially given what Bolling said at the end: "Sure, there are environmental concerns but listen, when we're talking 4, 5 or 6 dollars a gallon, you gotta do it."

Give our land and our water and our oceans to the oil companies? Brainwashing us into going along with that is now called "news?" Undoubtedly the people in Utah, Colorado and Wyoming will say hey, no problem. Come on down! (I don't think so.) On Fox, life is so simple.

P.S. What compensation will we citizens receive for letting the oil companies do this on our land? Really, really cheap natural gas? Pfsssst.